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Custom Synthesis/Contract Research

Outsourcing can be an important strategic component of any clients R&D portfolio. It is a decision which factors in

1) Cost-risk benefits (internal vs. external),
2) Timing,
3) Potential CRO’s skill-set capabilities and business practices.

In medicinal chemistry, this strategy allows in-house chemists to focus on the design and assembly of new lead molecules vs. routine syntheses which can be outsourced. Virtual biopharmaceutical companies have embraced outsourcing in order to direct maximum start-up funds to reaching proof-of-concept instead of immediate creation of infra-structure.

At ZereneX Molecular™ we offer expertise in a wide range of custom synthesis and contract research chemistry covering all aspects of lab-scale organic and medicinal chemistry.

  • Preparation of custom novel organic compounds
  • Synthesis of known reference compounds
  • Custom synthesis of small compound libraries
  • Optimisation of existing synthetic methods, discovery of novel approaches to the synthesis of target molecules
  • Collaborative or contract research projects to develop and synthesis new compounds designed for specific functions

All these services are available exclusively and confidentially on FTE or fee for service basis. For further information please contact us at sales@zerenex-molecular.com

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