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Since its inception ZereneX Molecular™ continues to develop and strengthen its global reputation for specializing in the synthesis and supply of rare small molecule compounds to the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Brief descriptions of our products are given below. Further details are available through the links above or by contacting our sales team.


The continued use of combinatorial chemistry to generate interesting compounds for high-throughput screening and of parallel synthesis for lead optimisation, has led to the quest for more novel building blocks. At ZereneX Molecular™ we offer a diverse and unique set of over 10,000 (Novel Chemical Entities – NCE™) heterocyclic (small (hetero) cyclic (fused) ring compounds with one or more chemical handles) such as imidazoles, pyridines, pyrazines etc as well as a variety of alycyclic (piperizines, piperidines) and aromatic compounds which are continuously being used to assist medicinal and synthetic chemists globally in developing hit generation and hit-to-lead optimisation libraries.

The compounds are available in multi-gram (1-100 g) quantities (purity 90%min, typically >95%) which make them suitable for high-throughput and combinatorial synthesis or scale-up of lead compounds. The majority of these intermediates are offered ex-stock and we usually aim to despatch them within 48 hours of receiving an order. Where a compound is out of stock we will happily provide an expected delivery date.

Please click here to search our online database of intermediates. Alternatively a copy of our CD which contains structure searchable database in ISIS/Base or SD format can be requested from here.

Boronic Acids

As well as supplying novel building blocks we now also offer a range of unique boronic acids that can be used in a variety of coupling reactions i.e. Suzuki coupling, palldium coupling etc. These compounds can also be browsed and downloaded from our latest CD.

Screening Compounds

Novel compounds used for initial screening for biological activity is now available through our new screening compound service. We currently offer 5 novel libraries each consisting of approx 8000 unique scaffolds/compounds as well as a further library based on modified natural products. All of our compounds are available in both regular plates as well as customer requested vials.

The compounds in our collection are:

  • Diverse
  • Drug-like, and generally follow Lipinski's rule of 5
  • High quality

These libraries are available on our latest CD and can be accessed in both ISIS/Base and SD format. To request a copy please click here.

Quality Control and Compound Purity

Structure and purity of all compounds are verified by NMR and or mass spectrometry. Our compounds have a minimum purity of 90% but we typically supply intermediates with purity >95%. 1H-NMR spectra and LC-MS data are available upon request for all stock compounds.

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